Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Scrapbook Poem

I wrote this sometime ago to add to my son's scrapbook. I also designed the baby shoe template card to add to the page. It can be used either like a die-cut or made into 2 layers so that I can journal a personal note inside to my son. I've not decided how I shall do that yet.

Bless My Little Baby Son
By Dolores J. Rush.

Dear Lord, I love my baby son
And thank you for his life,
I ask thee to bless my little one,
Bless his little life.
Bless his wee little head
And his curly locks
As you shine upon his bed
Over his room, toys and blocks.
Remind him as he grows
Of your great loving care,
Precious is he to you, I know,
From his sweet baby toes to his fuzzy hair.
This baby dear, so sweet and fine
I pray will grow strong and true
Into a gentleman, like Christ divine
Honorable through and through.

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  1. Nice poetry and would be awesome in a baby card, too. You are good, girl!


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