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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Altered Art Journals

I'm a big fan of our local library and just recently checked out a book called "Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media". By L.K. Ludwig. I've not done too much in the way of altered art, so looked with interest at the several journals presented. Some of them actually visually appealed to me (pp. 26-27, 37, 48-55, 58-59, 62-63, 68-69, 100-101, 134), some turned me off. I guess different strokes for different folks, right. *wink*
I'm a color freak, so that's generally is the first thing that I notice right away. I've been into the color combinations of red, white, and blue or black for so long that I feel I know that combination really well and have decorated my home in those colors, however, I'm beginning to delight in the shabby chic color and decorating scheme. You know, soft colors like dusty rose, moss or olive green, off-white, tan, parchment gold, spring pastel colors. I don't know if it's because of my eyes (pigmentary glaucoma), or if it's a season I'm moving into – a chance to explore new color combinations.
As far as visual textures, I've always liked ribbons, lace, rick-rack and pom-pom trims and nubby fibers like chenille bedspreads, crushed velvet and smooth embroidery floss. I like quilt patchwork, chintz fabrics and calico and gingham and roses. Old sewing patterns from the 30's & 40's. Blanket stitching and running stitches. Measuring tapes. My grandmother had a button box that I used to love to play in and now I have my own tins of buttons. I've collected poetry since I was in the 6th grade and a couple of the journals have some word play included in them. I like torn and pinked paper. Paper Dolls. Botanical prints. Literature. Woodcuts/rubber stamps. I like the vintage look with distressed edges, although I am not sure how to achieve it. I like the old valentines – they are so sweet and sentimental. The journals I liked had several of these elements on/in them.
I looked for themes – there were several I thought were good ideas though I may not have liked their technical interpretation of that theme. Artistic license and all that, you know. However, here are the ones I liked best – birds, nests, & eggs; a garden book, watercolors, fabric fat books, art doll houses, princesses and fairy-tales like Cinderella, gothic windows, calling cards, circles, paper bag books, postcards, kitchen items like spoons and recipes, hearts, gloves, a holiday cookbook, art dolls, alphabet soup and numbers. I didn't see a tea theme, so that would be one I'd like to do sometime. And a Christian theme or Veggie-Tales or Literature or Blue Willow. I 've joined in ATC swaps and card swaps but nothing as elaborate as art journals. I wonder if I could find anyone who likes the same things as I do who could coach me in achieving a vintage look and would perhaps want to do a swap with me of some sort?

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