Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post-it-note Postcard Idea

Here's an idea for you for a post-it-note postcard. Decorate the card with a smiley face and stick a post-it note on the back side where you might write this bit of poetry topped off with a sad face, add a postage stamp & address it so they can return it to you, then insert it into an envie and mail to your friend!

Poem by Dolores J. Rush.

How dry I am, How wet I'll be
If I don't find a note from thee.
I'll cry a lot and wail from here
Oh, Oh! I shed a tear!

I shed a tear, my heart is broke,
Make that two, my face is soaked.
My eyes are red and I am sad
Write a note and make me glad!

your friend, ___________________
(insert your name here)

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